UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision

UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision


UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision – Indonesia is said to be one of the liberal countries in the matter of the use of digital programs for children. The matter is known from UNICEF information which says 98, 3 percent of children and young people in Indonesia have access to smart phones.

The information also said 90, 7 percent of children and young people who get access, use it for social tools, play online games, and watch movies. With that number, Indonesia is said to be one of the countries with the highest child internet consumers.

Looking at this situation, UNICEF Indonesia’s Child Protection Expert Astrid Gonzaga Dionisio said that an aged person has a meaningful function to monitor the internet consumption of her baby. Moreover, the situation at this time makes more children at home.

“Information proves just before this endemic, UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision children can spend 5 hours to access the internet on a normal day and 7 hours on a prei day. Although there is no tail information, this number may go up in a situation like this,” said Astrid in a stage online with tools.

That period, for Astrid, was actually quite large for young consumers or young consumers. Therefore, he suggested that older people can create a convenient internet ecosystem for children.

“One of the things that can be tried is to make a joint agreement regarding the period of internet consumption and any content that can be accessed by children,” Astrid said.

Moreover, with such a high period of internet consumption, children are vulnerable to the risk of abuse, ranging from finding content that is not suitable for age, they are like the subject of old people’s activities, or they are all actors.

“For that reason, older people are required to make trust with children when accessing the internet. Older people must be able to make it easier, especially young people, where they are in their time looking for genuine self,” said Astrid further.

Astrid also stressed that there was no speech for older people to practice the internet. At the very least, they can accompany their children when accessing the internet. He also said, with an appeal for activities at home, parents can use it to make communication better with children.

Presenting Family Pairing, TikTok Always Persuades Active Parents to Supervise Children’s Activities

Free from this subject, the latest TikTok just published the arrival of the latest features for its application, UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision which is Family Pairing. Through this feature, parents can participate directly to recognize their baby’s activities when using TikTok.

“The safety and comfort of young people in TikTok become our attention, because there is a clear desire to improve it,” said Head of Public Policy of TikTok Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Donny Eryastha.

Donny said, this matter is not free from continuing to be a lot of people who abuse digital programs, listed that deviate from childhood. KPAI information 2019 says the problem of online errors that traps children reaches 600 problems.

“So, actually TikTok from the product section wants to invite parents to participate more when their children play our application,” Donny said.

Moreover, based on information from UNICEF in 2018, said 98, 3 percent of young people aged 16-24 years in Indonesia already have smart phones. Then, 90, 7 percent among other frankly have accessed the internet.

“Indonesia is indeed known to be liberal in the exploitation of digital programs, but it always needs to be known as a result for children, listed the risks associated with internet exploitation,” said UNICEF Indonesia Child Protection Expert Astrid Gonzaga Dionisio.

Therefore, Astrid said the position of parents in the area of ​​children’s internet is very large.UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision Parents need to be work colleagues for children to create a comfortable and fresh internet ecosystem.

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