2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic

2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic


2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic – “The world of the world’s children plays, at the beginning they like to stay at home, busy outside the home, but how come the tasks do not meet expectations and then have rights, but those rights often clash with other interests,” Nahar said in a broadcast teleconference titled Children’s Ways to deal with Covid-19 at the BNPB Office, Central Jakarta, Sunday (05/03/2020).

Nahar said, now parents must be vigilant. He considered, there needs to be a way so that children do not feel their rights are taken to play outside the home.

“There needs to be ways to overcome and be aware of this, one of which is by storytelling and parental communication full of variations in children,” he said.

In this way, Nahar continued, the pattern of child boredom and boredom caused by the Corona outbreak pandemic can be overcome. So, he said, there were no unwanted adverse effects.

“With this warmth it becomes a pattern to anticipate boredom, other adverse effects,” Nahar said.

Previously, the Government continued to search for people who had symptoms similar to the Corona Covid-19 virus in order to prevent transmission.

Until now, the government has examined 112,965 specimens related to Corona through the swab polymerase chain reaction or PCR test method.

“The number of specimens examined using the PCR real time method of 112,965 specimens from 83,012 people,” said Government Talk Jutu for Handling Corona Virus Achmad Yurianto in a video conference on Sunday (05/03/2020).

As for, he said, one specimen could be tested more than once. The number of specimens, according to Yurianto, increased by around 5,022 from the number recorded on Saturday, May 2, 2020, namely 107,943 specimens.

From the number of specimens examined,
Meanwhile, he said, the number of patients recovering 1,876 people and those who died due to the Corona Covid-19 virus as many as 845 people.

“Positive confirmation increased 349 people to 11,192 people. Positive confirmation that has recovered increased 211 to 1,876,” explained Yurianto.

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