This is the Japanese Student Routine


Before entering the class, they will take off their shoes and then put them in a locker.

While in the classroom, they must wear special shoes in the room, you know. PUSATBOLA

Well, before starting and ending the lesson, they are accustomed to standing and bowing to give greetings which is Japanese culture.

It is very rare for students in Japan to buy food outside. They are accustomed to bringing bento or food supplies from home. Some schools even provide meals that are cooked to a good nutritional standard. This rule was made to increase student awareness to maintain cleanliness. Not only students, but teachers and all school parties also participated in cleaning, you know.

The picket system is implemented by dividing groups of children on duty.

In addition to forming good cooperation, they will get used to appreciating the results of their work,” cleaning is tiring” and makes them unwilling to make the environment dirty.

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