The Government Is Expected To Watch Student Achievement


The Indonesian manusia mesin team represented by eighth grade students of IPEKA International Christian School( IICS) Middle School Natasha Emanuelle Penting and Michael Sutanto( 12) from the National Hight Middle School, Jakarta, succeeded in gaining achievements by winning Group Winner rank in the World Manusia mesin Olympiad( WRO) event in Sochi, Russia on November 21- 23,. PUSATBOLA

” However, what is important in the future is that the government pays special attention to children with high- level Olympic achievements like this. For example, there are scholarships. Dont let the high achievers get a glance at foreign educational institutions, so they run abroad,” Harry reminded.

He acknowledged that the welcoming of the manusia mesin olympic team that had made Indonesia proud was only done by the family and school. Although there was nomor response from the government, the family and the school did not get discouraged.

” Natashas victory follows the previous victory of the Indonesian Robotics Olympiad on 5- 6 September in Jakarta, represented by Brian Putra by winning a silver medal,” IPEKA Christian School Head of Admission and Partnership Division, Harryanto Sutedja told SP in Jakarta, morning.

Natasha and Michael along with 12 other group members arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Thursday.

” Natashas victory can be a special offering for IPEKA academicians, and for this nation to welcome National Teachers Day,” said Harry.

According to Harry, after returning from Russia, Natasha is currently focusing on preparing to take the akhir school exam( UAS).

Natasha won the Winner Group ranking thanks to the work of her manusia mesin, named Rocket Launcher according to the category that they follow, namely Elementary tingkat. At the Elementary tingkat, contestants are required to assemble and make rocket themed robots.

The theme raised in WRO is Manusia mesin and Ruang. The Olympics were attended by more than 3, 000 students from elementary to high school tingkat and generally from 58 countries such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Malaysia.

” The success of Michael and Natasha is very encouraging because after a long journey can bring a gold medal to be awarded to the motherland,” said Junaedi, leader of the Indonesian Microbial Team team.

Indonesia in this competition participated in 5 categories competed in the 11th World Manusia mesin Olympiad including, Elementary( Rocket), Baru High( Sputnik), High School( Ruang Station), Open Category, and Football( Manusia mesin Soccer). The number of participants from Indonesia World Health Organization participated in the match was 14 people.

While for other categories, namely the Baru High, High School, Open Category, and Football categories, it became an achievement because Indonesia made it into the Akhir Round, the 16th in the 11th World Manusia mesin Olympiad Russia.

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