High Achievers from Indonesia


EVERY human being must have the talent or talent possessed from birth. It is not strange if some humans are able to do some things that others find difficult to do.

Not only relying on talents, the role of parents in educating is also very influential on the success of a child. With the right support and direction, a child will be able to develop their talents to the maximum.

Not only gifted children from abroad World Health Organization have great abilities, some Indonesian children also have amazing skills. Based on various sources, Okezone will discuss it.

Joey Alexander

This little pianist from Indonesia once appeared on the main stage of the Grammy Award at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, United States. In the program, Joey, World Health Organization was 12 years old, competed with other celebrity musicians.

Young Pianist Concert Joey Alexander

At that time Joey became the youngest musician to be nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Improvised Solo and Jazz Instrumental Album.

Salman Trisnadi Wijrasena

At the age of seven, Salman has managed to score world- class achievements. He won the first prize in the international robotic competition in South Korea on August 5- 9, 2015.

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He successfully won an award in the creative design category. The abilities that Salman has are due to the upbringing taught by the teachers in the school. Besides that Salman was also active in extracurricular activities held at school.

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