Method of Behavior, Discipline and Development of 3-Year-Old Children

Three-year-olds are amazing creatures. Their fantasies, imagination, and efforts to be truly responsible for their lives make them very special.

play a real role

A real role is now a way of life, with all objects, people, or events that can easily be changed into something different.

Your 3-year-old child makes his own story about the event he experienced and he ‘discovered the power of words to make something real.

An imaginary friend, who is fully willing to carry out his orders, is an additional friend in a very normal and healthy household. Website KWITANG KOST Terpercaya, Don’t think about it too much, because this will disappear or it will be considered too big to be watched closely.

A 3-year-old cannot lie at this age, but he may be creative in reconstructing reality so that it matches the way he wants it to happen. He thinks his words can create a better reality and that reality can be totally denied.

Play with other people

Playing at this age should be full of cooperation and very interactive. Giving 3 year olds the opportunity to play with other children and when conflicts occur with them is an important part of parents to support them at this age.

Role of routine

Three-year-old children depend on something that can be predicted, because it is part of their efforts to understand and control their world. When no two days are the same, you may be very angry, a whining child. Maintaining the rules of the order from events every day can help them know what happened next, giving a feeling of being watched.

Children aged 3 years use the habit to maintain equality and control their world. Appreciate this, give them the way they want.

Awesome words

Listening to three-year-olds talk is amazing. This is an extraordinary story illustrated from experience and imagination, filled with several facts and many explanations. This age of child is never slowed down by the lack of choice of words, so words without meaning appear regularly, causing you to see the world with different eyes. Fountains become “colliding water” and SUVs become “box cars”, for example. Enjoy this error; soon their word choices will develop and their own words will disappear.

Discipline your 3-year-old child

Now discipline is interpreted with certainty that wrong things have consequences, such as children having to tidy up the mess that is made or take toys they throw away.

If your 3-year-old makes a mistake, it’s important that you handle it correctly, you might remember it later but they don’t

The rest, enjoy magic from the age of 3 and the magic of the hard work of placing the world according to his instructions.

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