Continuing Education Event – 3/24/2016

The continuing education event for March will be on the Smoky Mountain LME/MCO. Which is a public managed care organization that oversees Medicaid, state and local funding and offers a comprehensive health plan for individuals and families in need of mental health, substance use or intellectual/developmental disability services.  They operate in 23 counties in WNC. Although Smoky does not provide services directly, it ensures people who need treatment receive quality care in a timely manner. Smoky Mountain Care Coordinators are members of a number of our Child & Family Teams. A Smoky Mountain representative will discuss the system of care that is utilized throughout the process. System of Care is family and child focused. The needs of the person will determine the level of care/services provided.

Please RSVP.  As always, coffee, tea and sweets will be provided.  Bring your lunch if you care to.