Juvenile Justice Continuing Education Event Recap

For those who missed the Continuing Education Event on September 22, 2015 regarding juvenile justice, Jennifer Nehlsen the district administrator for GALA wrote a recap to inform those who were unable to attend.

Thank you once again to Shaketria Lindsey (Juvenile Court Counselor), Lesia Manos (Juvenile Court Counselor), and Angie Burke (Mars Hill College Intern) who presented to the GAL Association on Tuesday about the ins and outs of Juvenile Justice in NC generally and Buncombe County specifically.

–        DJJ is part of North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction & Juvenile Justice

–        They serve youth ages 6-15 years old for delinquent matters. A delinquent juvenile is one who, while less than 16 years of age but at least six years of age, who commits a crime or infraction under state law or under an ordinance of local government, including violation of the motor vehicle laws. These can be person and violent offenses (i.e., robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder, etc.), F-I felony class (serious property or weapons offenses; A1 misdemeanors – assaults), misdemeanor classes (i.e., shoplifting, communicating threats, disorderly conduct at school, etc., as well as non-criminal violations of law, punishable by up to a $100 fine (i.e. motorcycle/moped violation, riding a bicycle/skating in a public area, etc.)…”

To read more visit: https://galabc.org/articles/juvenile-justice-continuing-ed-recap-92215/