UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision

May 20, 2020
by seojkt

UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision

UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision – Indonesia is said to be one of the liberal countries in the matter of the use of digital programs for children. The matter is known from UNICEF information which says 98, 3 percent of children and young people in Indonesia have access to smart phones.

The information also said 90, 7 percent of children and young people who get access, use it for social tools, play online games, and watch movies. With that number, Indonesia is said to be one of the countries with the highest child internet consumers.

Looking at this situation, UNICEF Indonesia’s Child Protection Expert Astrid Gonzaga Dionisio said that an aged person has a meaningful function to monitor the internet consumption of her baby. Moreover, the situation at this time makes more children at home.

“Information proves just before this endemic, UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision children can spend 5 hours to access the internet on a normal day and 7 hours on a prei day. Although there is no tail information, this number may go up in a situation like this,” said Astrid in a stage online with tools.

That period, for Astrid, was actually quite large for young consumers or young consumers. Therefore, he suggested that older people can create a convenient internet ecosystem for children.

“One of the things that can be tried is to make a joint agreement regarding the period of internet consumption and any content that can be accessed by children,” Astrid said.

Moreover, with such a high period of internet consumption, children are vulnerable to the risk of abuse, ranging from finding content that is not suitable for age, they are like the subject of old people’s activities, or they are all actors.

“For that reason, older people are required to make trust with children when accessing the internet. Older people must be able to make it easier, especially young people, where they are in their time looking for genuine self,” said Astrid further.

Astrid also stressed that there was no speech for older people to practice the internet. At the very least, they can accompany their children when accessing the internet. He also said, with an appeal for activities at home, parents can use it to make communication better with children.

Presenting Family Pairing, TikTok Always Persuades Active Parents to Supervise Children’s Activities

Free from this subject, the latest TikTok just published the arrival of the latest features for its application, UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision which is Family Pairing. Through this feature, parents can participate directly to recognize their baby’s activities when using TikTok.

“The safety and comfort of young people in TikTok become our attention, because there is a clear desire to improve it,” said Head of Public Policy of TikTok Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Donny Eryastha.

Donny said, this matter is not free from continuing to be a lot of people who abuse digital programs, listed that deviate from childhood. KPAI information 2019 says the problem of online errors that traps children reaches 600 problems.

“So, actually TikTok from the product section wants to invite parents to participate more when their children play our application,” Donny said.

Moreover, based on information from UNICEF in 2018, said 98, 3 percent of young people aged 16-24 years in Indonesia already have smart phones. Then, 90, 7 percent among other frankly have accessed the internet.

“Indonesia is indeed known to be liberal in the exploitation of digital programs, but it always needs to be known as a result for children, listed the risks associated with internet exploitation,” said UNICEF Indonesia Child Protection Expert Astrid Gonzaga Dionisio.

Therefore, Astrid said the position of parents in the area of ​​children’s internet is very large.UNICEF Emphasizes the Meaning of Supervision Parents need to be work colleagues for children to create a comfortable and fresh internet ecosystem.

Why Drawing Is Good For Your Kids?

May 9, 2020
by seojkt

Why Drawing Is Good For Your Kids?

If you are disturbing about finding movements for children during this corona pandemic, you can take them to color along with the coloring E book. There are many blessings of coloring books for children and adults, exceptionally for mental health and worried building of children

At present, there are many types of coloring books that can be selected by children, ranging from drawing objects that can be colored to e book materials that can be used Again and again. The selection of this guide can be adjusted to the child’s personal tastes and the purpose of the parents to give the coloring book.

Here are the advantages of coloring books for children according to psychologists.
1. Introduce colors

One of the most simple advantages of a coloring publication is that it introduces colorings in an interesting way to children. In the initial Degrees, introduce astonishing colorings first, such as red, green, blue, yellow, or black and then introduce its spinoff Colorations, such as brown, Purple, light green, and so on.

2. Stimulate creativity

Do not scold the child when he is coloring, even if the color streaks come out of line or the color given does not fit Truth. Let him spill his creativity and channel principles in his head according to his imagination.

3. Train the fine motor nerves

What is desiring to by fine motor nerves is the coordination of Muscle mass, bones, and nerves in a child’s body to make small and simple Actions. When coloring, for example, children will be trained to hold colored pencils using their small fingers.

Fine motor skills are very important for children when attending school or doing every day Hobbies. When fine motor nerves are disrupted, he will have challenge eating, writing, to simple things like turning the pages of a guide and hooking his shirt buttons.

4. Improve consciousness and eye-hand coordination

One other improvement of coloring books is to make the child awareness on the ‘task’ in entrance of him. By retaining a colored pencil, picking out a color, then scratching it in a coloring Publication, the child will experience an raise in eye coordination with his hands.

5. Boom self-confidence

When parents free the color selected by the child to be daubed into a coloring Publication, their confidence will be nurtured properly. Try to make coloring undertaking a routine to instill a sense of accomplishment in children so they can make them proud of their own achievements.

6. Relieve stress

Coloring can also be done to stabilize a child’s emotions when he is fussy. Because, giving color to certain objects is a fun sport as well as having a calming effect on the child’s mind and mentality.

7. Introduce spatial suggestions and awareness

Coloring will make children recognize certain shapes, lines, Forms of, to views at once. While teaching children to color in the lines can introduce bathroom to children who as much as possible may not violate them.

Well-nigh all children like coloring Actions, in spite of the fact that the period of children to immerse in this sport varies. To add to the fun of this coloring Online game, you can also comprise children in coloring competitions which at the same time have blessings to raise their social Capabilities.

Guide to Practicing Ramadan Fasting Inner Fruits from Pediatricians

May 7, 2020
by seojkt

Guide to Practicing Ramadan Fasting Inner Fruits from Pediatricians

Guide to Practicing Ramadan Fasting Inner Fruits from Pediatricians

Parents can tell children about Ramadan fasting gradually. He is, by training children to abstain from solid dining first.

The matter was revealed by pediatrician consultant metabolic nutrition doctor Cut Nurul Hafifah.

“Let them always drink water to stay away from lack of solution, especially when the weather is hot,” said the doctor who practiced at Pondok Indah-Pondok Bagus Hospital, Jakarta in a press release obtained by Health Liputan6. com.

For the duration of abstinence, begin to teach the child to fast by gradually. Parents can invite children to do it for 6 hours in advance such as from getting up in the morning until 12.00 WIB.

“With this pattern, children practice hunger from food that is consumed every day,” Nurul increased.

After that, in the next step, parents can teach children to stop thirst. Nurul said that normally children can forgive for not drinking water for 2 to 4 hours when learning to fast.

Adequate Nutrition Consumption

Also make sure they get a decent consumption of nutrients despite abstinence. This is because children need to develop and grow. Here, parents can share nutritious meals at dawn and breaking fast.

“You can share a hearty meal at a meal that has environmental carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Stay away from sharing food that has simple sugar, a kind of sweet light meal,” Nurul said.

Not only that, also share milk like the base of a complete vitamin for children when the meal and breaking fast.

“Don’t less remember their enthusiasm and say the word applause when they are again challenged and successfully resist hunger and thirst. Watch for the threat of loss of body fluids and hypoglycemia,” he said.

If the child is unable to continue, quickly stop fasting. Nurul said, when it’s time, even though for a long time, children want to get used to abstaining from Ramadan.

2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic

May 5, 2020
by seojkt

2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic

2 Ways To Prevent Bored Children At Home When Corona Pandemic – “The world of the world’s children plays, at the beginning they like to stay at home, busy outside the home, but how come the tasks do not meet expectations and then have rights, but those rights often clash with other interests,” Nahar said in a broadcast teleconference titled Children’s Ways to deal with Covid-19 at the BNPB Office, Central Jakarta, Sunday (05/03/2020).

Nahar said, now parents must be vigilant. He considered, there needs to be a way so that children do not feel their rights are taken to play outside the home.

“There needs to be ways to overcome and be aware of this, one of which is by storytelling and parental communication full of variations in children,” he said.

In this way, Nahar continued, the pattern of child boredom and boredom caused by the Corona outbreak pandemic can be overcome. So, he said, there were no unwanted adverse effects.

“With this warmth it becomes a pattern to anticipate boredom, other adverse effects,” Nahar said.

Previously, the Government continued to search for people who had symptoms similar to the Corona Covid-19 virus in order to prevent transmission.

Until now, the government has examined 112,965 specimens related to Corona through the swab polymerase chain reaction or PCR test method.

“The number of specimens examined using the PCR real time method of 112,965 specimens from 83,012 people,” said Government Talk Jutu for Handling Corona Virus Achmad Yurianto in a video conference on Sunday (05/03/2020).

As for, he said, one specimen could be tested more than once. The number of specimens, according to Yurianto, increased by around 5,022 from the number recorded on Saturday, May 2, 2020, namely 107,943 specimens.

From the number of specimens examined,
Meanwhile, he said, the number of patients recovering 1,876 people and those who died due to the Corona Covid-19 virus as many as 845 people.

“Positive confirmation increased 349 people to 11,192 people. Positive confirmation that has recovered increased 211 to 1,876,” explained Yurianto.

Impact of Reference System Errors, Children Predicted to Covid - 19 Killed

May 4, 2020
by seojkt

Impact of Reference System Errors, Children Predicted to Covid – 19 Killed

Impact of Reference System Errors, Children Predicted to Covid – 19 Killed

Central Regular Hospital (RSUP) Meters. Djamil Padang explained that he was adrift of the death of a child from the City of Pariaman, West Sumatra, under the guise of IS which was predicted to be abandoned by the hospital’s medical power, Wednesday (29 or 4 or 2020).

“First of all, on the nickname of the referral hospital, we recite the anxiety over the death of Ridha Afrila Dina Gadis’s child, hopefully her spirit will be obtained in the part of Allah,” said Chief Chairperson of RSUP Meter. Djamil Padang Yusirwan Yusuf in Padang, Monday (4 or 5 or 2020). For Yusirwan, there are some cases, most notably the question of the weakness of the reference system of networking hospitals with reference hospitals.

Yusirwan Yusuf stated that when responding to the circulation of articles in social media linked to the distribution of films on Friday (1 or 5) at 11. 32 WIB which afterwards distributed them to hundreds of other FB accounts.

“From our search, the film was recorded on April 29, 2020. For that reason, we need to explain the scattered notes and put a chain on that event,” he said.

Linked to sending patients from Aisyiah Pariaman Hospital to RSUP Meter. Djamil Padang did not fit the method through Sisrute, he said if it came from a hospital agreement in West Sumatra, referring patients from the hospital to the RSUP Meter. Djamil is required to pass Sisrute, who used to show x-rays and makmal results.

“If the patient has claimed to be identified and predicted PDP, the latest patient can be sent to the RSUP Meter. Djamil and can prepare the patient’s income at this hospital,” he explained.

At first, he said, there was a patient with a 1-month-old girl who was a reference from Aisyiyah Pariaman Hospital with an ambulance and Respiratory Syndrome assessment nurse. Bronchopneumonia, without sending an integrated reference system (Sisrute).

“Patients arrive with 2L nasal acidic substance or minutes, after that it is obtained by an ER picket doctor,” he said.

More recent data found no long-term benefits for Head Start. Why?

May 2, 2020
by seojkt

More recent data found no long-term benefits for Head Start. Why?

More recent data found no long-term benefits for Head Start. Why? – Head Start was launched in 1965 as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “war on poverty” and was designed to prepare young people from low-income families for kindergartens with early education, health services, and family support. At present, more than 1 million children, most of them aged 3 and 4, participate in federal-funded programs.

The Deming Study compared the Principal’s children with their siblings who were not in school. Head Start participants see a higher high school graduation rate but also an increase in college and health attendance. Other studies, using different methods, have found similar results encouraging.

Another recent paper shows that the effect spans generations: even children of children who attend Head Start soon after starting are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to be involved with the criminal justice system.

But when Lukes (a Deming student) and researcher at the University of California, Irvine, updated the Deming study with more recent data, they found something confusing.

For those born between 1976 and 1986, they, like Deming, find Head Start providing clear benefits. However, for children born later – mostly between 1986 and 1996 – the benefits disappear and even reverse in some cases. As young adults, Head Start participants were 8 percentage points more likely to be unemployed or not at school.

When researchers combine the two groups, it is washing – there are no obvious, good or bad long-term effects.

It is not clear what explains the very different findings across groups of students. Other research shows that the benefits of Head Start are greater when children also attend well-funded K-12 schools with better teachers. But school funding in general has declined from time to time, so a decline in the quality of K-12 schools seems an unlikely explanation.

Deming hypothesizes that conditions for low income families have improved since previous research on Head Start. This program not only provides education, but also a range of health and anti-poverty services. Because groups of students are then born to mothers who are better educated and become families with somewhat higher incomes, maybe some of them lack Head Start services.

“Although in a narrow sense the impact of Head Start has diminished, in a broader sense it is a great victory that more and more children get high-quality physical, mental and academic support in the critical early years,” Deming said. “This research does not show this directly, but fits the narrative.”

Blood Cancer in Children

September 16, 2019
by seojkt

Blood Cancer in Children

Blood Cancer in Children

Blood Cancer in Children Triggers and a sign of blood cancer in children PUSAT BOLA you need to recognize so that it can be treated as soon as possible. Blood cancer (blood cancer) is a type of cancer that often affects children, and the disease is quite risky.

Blood cancer is cancer that afflicts white blood cells. When faced with blood cancer, white blood cells that increase in number are not able to prevent the child’s body from inflammation, let alone spin the cells in their own body. This situation can lead to a variety of health problems, most especially inflammatory diseases.

Identifying Triggers and Signs of Blood Cancer in Children – Alodokter

Triggers Blood Cancer in Children

Blood cancer is intertwined with the impact of the transfer or replacement of genetic characters in blood cells, as a result these cells develop in a way not overcome. But until this time, the matter that caused the transfer of blood cancer-triggering cells was not known in a certain way.

Although the factors are not yet known, there are some aspects that can increase the risk of the formation of blood cancer in children. One of them is genetic oddity, a kind of Down syndrome, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, neurofibromatosis in children, and Fanconi anemia.

Not only that, the application of radiation and the two-bodied mother Blood Cancer in Children who often consumes alcohol is believed to also be able to increase the risk of blood cancer in children. However, this matter is in the interest of further research.

Signs of Blood Cancer in Children Worth Watch Out for

Blood cancer wants an appropriate and lightning action. If not treated quickly, this disease can kill a child’s life. Older people should recognize some of the signs of blood cancer that are worth watching out for:

Blood cancer wants an appropriate and lightning action. If not treated quickly, this disease can kill a child’s life. Older people should recognize some of the signs of blood cancer that are worth watching out for:

1. Pale face

Blood cancer can cause red blood cell shrinkage (erythrocytes). The low number of erythrocytes will cause a decrease in the hemoglobin content in the blood, as a result the child can face anemia and appear pale, lethargic, easily tired, and tight breathing signs.

2. Susceptible to infection

In blood cancer, the number of white blood cells that play a role in preventing the body from inflammation increases. However, these cells do not act in a natural way. This is what makes children more susceptible to inflammation. The indication can be in the form of a feverishly sustainable.

3. Easy to deal with bleeding

Children who have blood cancer are also easy to deal with epistaxis, because there is a decrease in the number of platelets. Small platelet counts want to disturb the way of blood clotting, as a result epistaxis is more easily intertwined. The indications are easy to form, bleeding gums, and often epistaxis.

4. Pain in bones and joints

Pain in the bones and joints is often experienced by children who face blood cancer. This situation is caused by the accumulation of abnormal white blood cells in the component.

5. Difficulty breathing

Blood cancer in children can affect the thymus gland. Because of its position in the neck, swelling of the gland can suppress the trachea and make it difficult for children to breathe. Difficulty in breathing can also be intertwined the impact of the accumulation of abnormal cells in the blood vessels of the respiratory apparatus.

6. Running out of desire to eat and stomach ache

When abnormal cells accumulate in the mind, kidneys, and turtles, the organs will want to enlarge and press on other devices. This situation can cause stomach pain and a feeling of insecurity. In children who face blood cancer, the desire to eat also often shrink.

7. Swollen glands

White blood cells in children with blood Blood Cancer in Childrencancer also often accommodate in the clear pulmonary glands. This subject will cause swelling of the gland. The indications are in the form of bulges on the neck, chest, armpits, or lemur roots. AloDokter

Beware of signs of blood cancer in children. When children face these signs, immediately ask the doctor to justify the factors and get the right action.

September 15, 2019
by seojkt

The Government Is Expected To Watch Student Achievement

The Indonesian manusia mesin team represented by eighth grade students of IPEKA International Christian School( IICS) Middle School Natasha Emanuelle Penting and Michael Sutanto( 12) from the National Hight Middle School, Jakarta, succeeded in gaining achievements by winning Group Winner rank in the World Manusia mesin Olympiad( WRO) event in Sochi, Russia on November 21- 23,. PUSATBOLA

” However, what is important in the future is that the government pays special attention to children with high- level Olympic achievements like this. For example, there are scholarships. Dont let the high achievers get a glance at foreign educational institutions, so they run abroad,” Harry reminded.

He acknowledged that the welcoming of the manusia mesin olympic team that had made Indonesia proud was only done by the family and school. Although there was nomor response from the government, the family and the school did not get discouraged.

” Natashas victory follows the previous victory of the Indonesian Robotics Olympiad on 5- 6 September in Jakarta, represented by Brian Putra by winning a silver medal,” IPEKA Christian School Head of Admission and Partnership Division, Harryanto Sutedja told SP in Jakarta, morning.

Natasha and Michael along with 12 other group members arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Thursday.

” Natashas victory can be a special offering for IPEKA academicians, and for this nation to welcome National Teachers Day,” said Harry.

According to Harry, after returning from Russia, Natasha is currently focusing on preparing to take the akhir school exam( UAS).

Natasha won the Winner Group ranking thanks to the work of her manusia mesin, named Rocket Launcher according to the category that they follow, namely Elementary tingkat. At the Elementary tingkat, contestants are required to assemble and make rocket themed robots.

The theme raised in WRO is Manusia mesin and Ruang. The Olympics were attended by more than 3, 000 students from elementary to high school tingkat and generally from 58 countries such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Malaysia.

” The success of Michael and Natasha is very encouraging because after a long journey can bring a gold medal to be awarded to the motherland,” said Junaedi, leader of the Indonesian Microbial Team team.

Indonesia in this competition participated in 5 categories competed in the 11th World Manusia mesin Olympiad including, Elementary( Rocket), Baru High( Sputnik), High School( Ruang Station), Open Category, and Football( Manusia mesin Soccer). The number of participants from Indonesia World Health Organization participated in the match was 14 people.

While for other categories, namely the Baru High, High School, Open Category, and Football categories, it became an achievement because Indonesia made it into the Akhir Round, the 16th in the 11th World Manusia mesin Olympiad Russia.

September 13, 2019
by seojkt

This is the Japanese Student Routine

Before entering the class, they will take off their shoes and then put them in a locker.

While in the classroom, they must wear special shoes in the room, you know. PUSATBOLA

Well, before starting and ending the lesson, they are accustomed to standing and bowing to give greetings which is Japanese culture.

It is very rare for students in Japan to buy food outside. They are accustomed to bringing bento or food supplies from home. Some schools even provide meals that are cooked to a good nutritional standard. This rule was made to increase student awareness to maintain cleanliness. Not only students, but teachers and all school parties also participated in cleaning, you know.

The picket system is implemented by dividing groups of children on duty.

In addition to forming good cooperation, they will get used to appreciating the results of their work,” cleaning is tiring” and makes them unwilling to make the environment dirty.

September 13, 2019
by seojkt

High Achievers from Indonesia

EVERY human being must have the talent or talent possessed from birth. It is not strange if some humans are able to do some things that others find difficult to do.

Not only relying on talents, the role of parents in educating is also very influential on the success of a child. With the right support and direction, a child will be able to develop their talents to the maximum.

Not only gifted children from abroad World Health Organization have great abilities, some Indonesian children also have amazing skills. Based on various sources, Okezone will discuss it.

Joey Alexander

This little pianist from Indonesia once appeared on the main stage of the Grammy Award at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, United States. In the program, Joey, World Health Organization was 12 years old, competed with other celebrity musicians.

Young Pianist Concert Joey Alexander

At that time Joey became the youngest musician to be nominated for a Grammy award in the category of Best Improvised Solo and Jazz Instrumental Album.

Salman Trisnadi Wijrasena

At the age of seven, Salman has managed to score world- class achievements. He won the first prize in the international robotic competition in South Korea on August 5- 9, 2015.

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He successfully won an award in the creative design category. The abilities that Salman has are due to the upbringing taught by the teachers in the school. Besides that Salman was also active in extracurricular activities held at school.